Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Help please

Hey everyone like i posted before i started a new blog about politics i need everyones help to please pass the word along about it. I want it to become a big thing for me, i will be updating it at least twice a week thanks everyone.

New Blog Address

So since I am "All political and that now" i have decided to change locations of my blog so i can now be found at

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Utah State Legislature

The State Legislature has been in session for three weeks now and I have learned a few things about the Legislators of our State in this current session.
First: The Republicans and Democrats both have their agenda which is quite Different from one another but the same at the same time. The Republicans want the show Washington that they are not agreeing with its policies and want more state sovereignty. They are doing this by passing a number of message bills aimed to show Washington that we as a State are going to do what we wish. The First and most controversial bill of this kind is Margaret Dayton's SB011 "Utah State-made Firearms Protection Act" Which simply states that guns produced and sold in Utah are property of Utah and under control of Utah thus not covered by the Interstate Commerce Act. The biggest controversy of this bill is simply it is against the Federal Constitution. If the State passes a unconstitutional bill such as this we are going to have a very expensive battle on our hands with the Federal Courts. Now I am all for State's rights but challenging the Constitution through the Federal Court system is not the way for us as a State to approach this matter. The second bill that has me concerned is SB036S01 "Wolf Management Act" This yet again is a message bill that has currently passed both the House and the Senate and sent to the Governor for his signature. This bill asks for the Federal Government to take Utah off the Endangered Species list leaving wolf management up to the state. Now this may at first seem like an alright idea but when one researches further they will find that Utah has not had a single wolf in our state for an extended period of time for the last ten years. The Democrats are also for State rights but are doing it in a way that they consider more healthy for the state I.E passing resolutions stating their views instead of bills which could land our State in court battles. They also are passing Bi-Partisan bills that help all of the state not just a certain sector. SB0087 repealing the taking away of money from school districts from Salt Lake, in order to come up with a State wide true equalization bill. I think Washington needs to take a page out of the State's book and practice true Bi-Partisanship.

Second thing that I have learned is that the people of Utah can have a much larger impact if they just become active in the process. While attending committee after committee and hearing many bills presented that would do harm to the state fail just due to the fact that the public showed up in numbers and voiced their opinion. We need to keep in mind that our country and our state runs by way of democracy meaning that we as citizens control our own fate. We elect our officials and that means that they are serving us not the other way around, but if we just sit back and let them "do their own thing" they get into what they want to do and vote how they would vote. Many legislators and elected officials will head to the calls of the public If and only if THE PUBLIC MAKES THEMSELVES HEARD.

In short I encourage you all to go the and research and find a bill that concerns or interest you and make yourself heard and become and active citizen by writing your senator or represenitive and make yourself heard! Also on that website you can listen to both the House and the Senate realtime including all committee meetings.

Monday, June 15, 2009

dead to blogging

So as of late i have been completely dead to the blogging world so here is a quick update i am no longer at Discover Card well im on a leave of absence that i dont plan on going off. I am just working away at Mc'Graths they are having me pick up manager shifts every so often so that is exciting. I have been dating here and there casually nothing too exciting. I got through my last school semester with a 3.0 so i should have done better but am content with my results. Um what else nothing that comes to mind oh ya i have a nephew named Jaxon and he is a little bad A i love to see him and cant wait to be "cool" uncle Cody

Monday, January 19, 2009


So it has been forever since i have posted. Update on my life i am again working 2 Full time jobs discover and Mc'Graths Fishhouse. I am also taking 12 credit hours of school one of my classes is Nutrition it is very interesting and i learned a new tool today that may help some people i know or anyone on a diet go to this website and it will allow you to calculate roughly how many calories you need a day in order to maintain loose or gain weight.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Thoughts of cody on a sunday evening

Life is not an easy thing. People will come in and change the way you think of things and the next thing you know it they are gone as soon as they came, don't look at it as a bad thing instead accept the fact that people are going to leave and that some people are going to stay because just as people come in and out of your life you enter and exit others, Seize this opportunity to create change. You don't have to change the world just rise yourself to the occasion of life and live every moment to make a positive impact on the people that you come into contact with, do your best to better yourself and to better the people around you. This is not to say that you cant make mistakes because as many have said to error is human but minimize your screw ups and learn from them. its a cliche but i firmly beilive that everything DOES happen for a reason events in your life such as illness, relationships, sheer happiness and moments of absolute stupidity are to test the limits of your inner self as well as your ability as a human to adapt to the changes around you and make the best of every situation. So my advice is to not live every moment as its your last but instead live every moment to make the future better even if its putting a smile on someones face. Or trying to be a good influence on others, Everyone who is on this earth was born with a measure of worth and ability to contribute to better themselves and other around them. We all can treat each other with a sort of respect and help each other grow in our own little way.
We must live our lives to the fullest and greatest potential that is in us, we must devolp our mind and our natraul gifts that were given to us: Work hard to expand these gifts and grow as a person live with hatred towards none and once you do this then and only then can you tell yourself that you have lived!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


So this election has had many many firsts and many chances to show the world that we are a nation of equality and suppportive of all our citizens...First we had a the chance to nominate the first woman president with Hilary Clinton, even though i'm somewhat still disappointed in the fact that she did not recieve the nomination i'm happy with our other first in Barrack Obama, the first black president. Some other "issues" that could have showed our equality in this election was the proposition 8 in California. This is a very sensitive issue so those who read this blog understand that i'm not trying to change anyones views or opinions i'm simply just stating mine. I belive that everyone in this country has a right to love and to marry whomever they like. It comes back to the rights that we are promised The right to happyness and the right to practice our religon or beliefs freely, so many people who are against Same-sex marriage and who are protesting against it say they are using a freedom that is given to them to state their point and i beileve that they are given that right but the only issue i have with the whole sitiuation that they are exercising their right in order to take away anothers right. Many people oppose the idea of allowing same-sex marriage to be allowed and have the same equal rights as “regular” marriage, many of these oppositions root from religious beliefs. These groups claim that chaning the definition of marriage to include same sex would be against gods will, that it is unnatural and promotes unhealthy behavior. The Roman Catholic Church opposes recognition of same-sex unions, arguing that acts of sexual intimacy are only proper between a man and a woman, and that the proper setting for those acts is only within marriage. Other oppositions are the arugurs of family and that child should be raised by both a mother and a father. Those they arguments are their right to have i highly disagree with them. What happened to god loving all of his children, and the whole family aspects divorce rates are at sky rocketing rates right now and same-sex marriage potential divorce rates are very low, and i beilive firmly that same-sex couples who adopt children are some of the best parents that i have ever seen. They truly love and appreciate that child with all their hearts. Plain and simple point is that We are a nation of equality and many in the past few days are saying look how far we have come with the election of Barrack Obama, but i say great now we have a very long way to go to call ourselves a nation of equality......Maybe my views are tainted because i have some friends in the Gay community and they are some of the most loving and caring friends that i have and i just dont see how constiutionaly we can remove rights that should be theirs but then i am reminded that the constitution is nothing more than what the courts say it is. One thing i am extremely grateful for is that McCain lost so that Rowe V Wade will stand and not be overturned.